Monday 9-11-2015

A great experience! We received a very warm welcome especially from the kids with special needs. We found the group of the Villa Pouca de Aguiar schools well organized and full of modern equipment, which can fulfill all the students’ needs. The Pedras Salgadas’ school made us the best impression. We found the Portuguese presentation interesting and funny. We loved the song and the choreography of “Hey Mr. Policeman”.

In the afternoon we tasted the local cuisine cooked by the students’ parents and had a great time eating and dancing all together! 


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Tuesday 10-11-2015

A fantastic day full of experiences! 

We had great time learning by the Turkish team how to make marble paintings. We found the visit to the old roman Tresminas mines interesting and adventurous especially when we saw the black bats sleeping! We had fun walking into the forest and collecting chestnuts. We watched a small theatrical play and laughed with the golden bad man who realized the real values of life. At last the special dinner in the traditional village gave us the opportunity to know each other better and start making friends.


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Wednesday 11-11-2015

Another great day! Greek presentations’ day! We all felt satisfied and very proud of what they had prepared. We all acted as a “chorus”! We also participated to the Lithuanian presentation playing traditional games.

Later we went to the local gym center and had the opportunity to practice all together many kinds of different sport activities!  Emotions of strong relationship and friendship between the students started to be created.

In the afternoon we experienced some unexpected and emotional hours after visiting the Tourencino center. We danced and sang and had beautiful moments with the old people living there. Life can always be interesting.


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Thursday 12-11-2015

An unforgettable day!

We visited Porto, a very beautiful city with history and culture. We had much fun to the Museum of “World Discoveries”. We even had a boat ride in the Doro River! We loved everything there! But … we didn’t have enough time to walk around the streets, to drink a juice and buy souvenirs for our friends.


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Friday 13-11-2015

The visit to the Doro museum and the wine cellars, the lunch at the village with the panoramic view, the beautiful and touching good buy ceremony, all these activities, without exception,  were the last sweet taste of Portugal.

Our favorite moment was at the end of the celebration, when we all danced together like a “chorus”!

Photos 13-11